Being part of local and international networks promotes the sharing of content and initiatives among organizers and filmmakers, allowing access to audiovisual productions that have proven most impactful around the world, encouraging production and distribution of local projects and initiatives that open up options for human development and environment protection.

Instituto Multimedia Derhumalc (IMD)

  • A founding member since 2004 of the Human Rights Film Network (HRFN), bringing together over 35 international human rights film festivals from around the world. Importantly, this network promotes the international sharing of content, allowing member festivals to access impactful human rights films from other parts of the world, fostering communication between organizers and filmmakers.
  • A member since 2018 of the Green Film Network (GFN), an international organization encompassing over 30 film festivals with a focus on environmental issues with the goal of coordinating events amongst members, promoting and distributing environmental films around the world and encouraging efforts and projects raising environmental awareness.
  • Since 2013, a founding member of the Argentinian Network of Audiovisual Festivals and Exhibitions (RAFMA)). This network is made up of film festivals and audiovisual exhibits in Argentina. It aims at promoting collective efforts towards enhancing and increasing audiences’ access to independent audiovisual productions and expanding instances of expression.
  • Since 2019, a member of Climate Alliance Argentina. Covering nearly 1800 member municipalities, local governments, NGOs and other organizations which fight daily against climate change in 27 European countries. All its members, from small towns to big cities, are aware that fighting climate change calls for local solutions.
  • Since 2019, a member of the Ibero-American Network of Film Festivals, a collaborative endeavor to showcase and promote each member’s activities, pursuing the common good for films and audiovisual arts in all of their breadth.
  • Since 1997, a member of Television Trust for the Environment’s Latin American Network of Audiovisual Resource Centre, founded by the UK’s Television Trust for the Environment (TVE), which comprises a network of over 52 organizations in Asia, Africa and Latin America. tve.org
  • Since 2015, partnership with FINCALI, Cali Environmental Film Festival (Colombia). This partnership focuses on collective work and the need for a space of debate and circulation of audiovisual material in connection with some of the most pressing environmental and human rights issues in Colombia and around the world. FINCALI is all about promoting socio-environmental awareness-raising using film as a channel and source of information on human and environmental rights. Furthermore, it fosters community-building through increased involvement in protecting and defending such rights, while developing educational strategies to build an innovative force of change for its communities. At the same time, it has developed Pantalla Verde, an environmental cinema online platform for audience education, film distribution and circulation, facilitating access for all kinds of audiences in Colombia and the world through information and communication technologies. festivalfincali.com pantallaverde.or