The International Environmental Film Festival (FINCA) is back with its 3rd edition

19 de MAY, 2016

The Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC has the pleasure to announce that, from June 1st to June 8th, the third edition of the International Environmental Film Festival (FINCA) will be held in a number of venues in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina: Espacio INCAA Km 0 Gaumont cinema, the Alliance Francaise, the Rector Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, the Haroldo Conti Cultural Center and the Movimiento Afrocultural Cultural Center.

More than 300 films were received from all over the world. The 56 shortlisted films present a variety of formats and genres: short films and feature films, fictional films, animated films, documentaries and reports. These national and international productions address environmental issues from a human-right and social approach. The films come from 24 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, the USA and Venezuela. Many of them are to host their pre-premiere during the Festival.

For the official competition, a number of awards will be given for 3 categories: Feature films, Short films, and Latin American Documentaries.

The 5 Non-competitive sections of the Festival include Mother Earth (Native Peoples, biodiversity), Climate Justice (climate change, migrants and refugees), Energy Horizons (energy exploitation and good environmental practices: hydrocarbons, dams, mines, and nuclear, solar and wind power), Econscience (urban, architectural, and recycling projects, responsible consumption, organic agriculture, etc.), and Food Sovereignty (sovereignty, safety, consumption).

Also worth of notice is Marie-Monique Robin’s Retrospective, a French investigative journalist and documentary maker, producer of more than forty films and awarded more than thirty times.
Her documentaries deal with the contemporary Human Rights scenarios in different parts of the world, specially in Latin America, with a focus on the current impact that the agro-industrial production model has caused in health and environment.

Furthermore, our third edition includes a wide variety of films from the “CineEco” Festival from Seia da Estrella, the only environmental festival from Portugal. This festival has been held since 1995 in the city of Seia, offering a high quality cinema that is alternative and little known compared to the traditional film market.

Within the Special Activities, FINCA organizes several discussions, art and photography exhibitions, trade fairs including sustainable products and social associations, among others.

Which is FINCA’s main goal?

The purpose aimed to by FINCA is to show the best productions concerning social issues associated with environmental protection; and to show them from multiple and original points of view, therefore promoting a critical cinema which may contribute to social change.

What is the International Environmental Film Festival (FINCA)?

Under our slogan “Art and part of the change”, FINCA, from Buenos Aires, arises with the need to broaden cultural perspectives from a socially and environmentally engaged outlook.

Thanks to the experience from the last two successful editions, the dynamic in each meeting allows the audience to appreciate a wide variety of remarkable films that took part in the main international festivals on these topics. Besides, spectators can also participate in a number of shows, artistic expression exhibitions and discussions before important personalities from the film industry and from social and environmental organizations as well.

We have high hopes that this third edition of FINCA will provide an open room for discussions, placing environmental issues at the foreground in every public agenda, as well as in households and educational centers. This will result from assuming the responsibility we have as inhabitants of the Earth, and from the adoption of sustainable practices that preserve biodiversity.

FINCA is an initiative of the Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC (Multimedia Institute for Human Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean - IMD), a non-profit association located in Buenos Aires, created for the sake of strengthening the investigation, study, teaching and promotion of Human Rights problems, by means of an active involvement through the use of audiovisual resources and new technologies. Since 2014 it has been part of the Green Film Network (, which gathers around 30 environmental festivals worldwide, which share campaigns, programs and juries.

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