Welcome back to the International Environmental Film Festival - FINCA with its 4th edition under the motto “Let´s stir the water”

30 de MAY, 2018

The Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC (IMD) is pleased to announce that the International Environmental Film Festival - FINCA is coming back to screens; under the motto "Let´s stir the water", the 4th FINCA prompts us to commit ourselves to concrete actions with a potential to generate an impactful wave in our efforts to defend such a vital resource as water.

As in every edition, the Festival tackles a central theme that can be found in each of its sections. Through socially-engaged films about environmental issues, the FINCA seeks to expose major violations to the right to water by involving environmental movements as well as victims and experts, with a strong determination to contribute to the creation of collective construction spaces as a sustainable alternative to hegemonic economic models.

The cinema theaters available in this edition will be Espacio INCAA Km0 Gaumont (Av. Rivadavia 1635), Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires (Main office: Av. Córdoba 936/946),Centro Cultural San Martín (Sarmiento 1551), Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (Av del Libertador 8151), Facultad de Medicina-UBA (Paraguay 2155), Centro Cultural Paco Urondo-UBA (25 de Mayo 201), Museo del Hambre (Av. San Juan 2491), Sigue la Polilla (Castro Barros 874).

More than 300 films from all over the world. Nearly 70 cinematographic works of different formats and genres will be screened.

The official competition is divided in the 3 following categories: International Feature Film; International Short Films, and Latin-American Documentary Films.

With the coming of the multiple editions of this Festival and the emerging problems, we have included the Windows sections as part of the program, they include a selection of films from other well-known international festivals.

For this edition, we have included a selection of films from the Cinema Planeta International Environmental Film Festival of Mexico. As well as films that have received several awards and several guests coming from the FINCALI: Cali International Environmental Film Festival (Colombia), the Window to Green Film Network Award and the Window to Films 4 Transparency Anti-corruption International Film Festival an initiative from Transparency International.

As part of our Special Activities, the FINCA will be holding, once again, several panel discussions, art and photography exhibitions, a sustainable products market, and several days with activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Two international documentary film makers will be giving a workshop for documentary filmmaking for social change within the FINCA.

The workshop "Documentary Filmmaking for Social Change" will be given by documentary filmmakers Victoria Solano (Colombia) and Chanda Chevannes (Canada) on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June at Museo del Hambre (Av. San Juan 2491).
During the workshop, the filmmakers will provide guidance for the filmmaking process and the launching of creative documentaries with a tangible social change both for the individual and the collective. This workshop combines lectures, screenings and discussions with hands-on planning and strategy sessions.

Victoria Solano is a Colombian filmmaker living in Argentina since 2010. Her first documentary was seen by more than two million people in Latin America. Her first documentary feature film is Sumercé, coproduced by Pinball London and Clementine Films with the support of the IDFA, Tribeca, and ProImagenes. Chanda Chevannes is a Canadian documentary filmmaker, writer, and educator. Her award-winning films have been screened in six continents, seen by more than four million people, and have contributed to make a tangible social and legislative change. She makes documentaries that wish to amplify women´s voices.

Open for registration. For more information on the workshop:

A boundless workshop for film festivals with a social focus for the first time in Latin America.

In the context of a festival that considers the right to a healthy environment a fundamental part of human rights, the Movies that Matter organization, alongside the IMD, is holding the Cinema Without Borders workshop in Latin America for the first time during the week of the 4th FINCA.

For this workshop, 15 people were selected from Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Mexico, with their own projects for human rights and environmental film festivals, it aims at training participants in all cultural, technical and financial aspects required to develop and optimize such an event. During the workshop, participants will acquire practical knowledge regarding the organization of socially engaged film events, strengthening their ability to develop their own activities and integrating them into a worldwide network of human rights film festivals.

Gender issues and environmental issues will also be up for debate during this edition of the FINCA.

There will be a panel discussion on women, environment and the defense of bodies, territories, and natural resources, the presentation of the graphic work of the Argentinian ecofeminist artist Paula Cribani will also take place. Within this frameworks, there will be a collective intervention during the 4th edition of the demonstration Ni Una Menos (Not One Woman Less), which will take place on Sunday 3rd June 2018.

Who organizes the International Environmental Film Festival FINCA?

The International Environmental Film Festival FINCA is organized by the Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC (Human Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean), IMD, it is a non-profit organization made up with the aim to strengthen the way in which we address and study the issues related to Human Rights in civil society, also known for organizing the International Human Rights Film Festival - FICDH with 20 years of experience.

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