Advice and the carrying out of festivals, shows,
forums and cinema itineries

From its beginnings the Instituto Mutltimedia DerHumALC IMD joint with different organizations and institutions has been in charge of carrying out diverse editions of forum festivals, shows and cycles of cinema of human rights and environmental themes, legitimated by more than 16 years of expeience in the carrying out of Festivals and shows around the country and the world, managing to elevate social cieam to all corners of the country and letting them know about themes that have not been tackled in traditional ways.

Programming and archive audio-visual management

The archive which holds more that 5500 copied films from the 16 years of work and carrying out of festivals and cinematographic shows about human rights, consolidates the Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC, like the audio-visual archive on the most important theme of human rights in Latin America. Said archive, stimulates and proposes the expert activities of the programming and the management of cinematographic exhibition for those in the Institute that are widely renowned.

We put said experience to the service of all the channel means, exhibited archives, institutions and organizations that require a qualified look about these camps and themes.

Accompanying and the development of educative
programs in cinema and human rights

The formative trajectory of the Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC-IMD as soon as the defence of human rights and the carrying out of audio-visual has been a contant since 1997, the year of founding.

Mainly through the cited trajectory, the IMD proposes as a reference in the structure, conforming and following of programs projects and educative activities and cinematography that shows interest in the themes of human rights.

The realisation and audio-visual edition

Postulation realisation and post-production of audio-visual products, especially fined to the mission and vision of the Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC – IMD (Spots, videos, institutions, documentaries, subtitles, etc).