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IMD Festival 16
identities in contact
FROM 17th TO 24th JUNE 2015


Feature Films Official Competition

Alejandra Darín
Actress with a long-standing career in theater, film and television. Throughout more than four decades of artistic work, she has stood out in theatrical plays like Tierra del Fuego and Un informe sobre la banalidad del amor. She won two ACE awards and a María Guerrero award. She is the President of the Argentinian Actors Association since 2011.
Jack Boghossian
Actor, producer, teacher and journalist. Representative of Armenian state-run film institutes. Director and founder of the cultural exchange project Cinemateca Armenia para América Latina. Author and translator. Jury member and programmer of international film festivals. In charge of the first Armenian film season and the French film season.
Javier Rebolledo
Investigative journalist specialized in Human Rights in Chile. Researcher and assistant director in the documentary El mocito, selected at Berlin Festival. In 2010, he made the documentary Castilla, winner of the Alberto Hurtado University award. In 2012, he wrote La danza de los cuervos, winner of the Municipality of Santiago literary award.
Olivia Welke
She runs the International Documentary Film Competition of the Festival des Libertés in Brussels. This political and cultural event embraces documentaries, debates and conferences, concerts, plays and exhibitions about rights and liberties, appealing to the general audience. It is an opportunity for debate and for the participation of converging fights for democracy.
Taco Ruighaver
Head of programme of the Movies that Matter (MTM) Festival in Holland, an international film and debate festival on human rights and social justice, presenting main programmes on human rights defenders and international law and justice. One of the initiators of the Human Rights Film Network, linking over forty film festivals worldwide.

Short and Medium-Length Films Official Competition

Daniel Cholakian
Sociologist, teacher and journalist specialized in cultural and international issues. He studied at the CERC (Argentinian Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts) and majored in Cinema Theory. A former professor of the Arts Studies degree (UBA), he currently teaches at the Audiovisual Staging and Production Studies degree (UAI). He is the editor of the Latin American and Caribbean news portal nodalcultura.am
Paola Pelzmajer
Musician and producer. Since 1999, she has worked in festivals, productions, shootings, post-productions and releases in Argentina and worldwide. She was Production Coordinator at Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata from 2009 to 2011. Since 2011, she coordinates a national program for the promotion of cinema by the Argentinian Cinematography Institute.
Carolina Karagueuzian
She holds an undergraduate degree in Social Work from the UBA. Director of the Armenian National Council of Buenos Aires. Technical assistant for the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism. Teacher in the Social Pedagogy and Cultural Management programs at the UTE. Member of the Argentinian network of community educators.
Lohana Berkins
She runs the Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Office, in the Gender Observatory in the Justice of the Magistrate’s Council of the City of Buenos Aires and the Struggle for Transvestite and Transsexual Identity Association. She leads the transvestite community and promotes the human rights of people made vulnerable due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.
Solen Rouillard
Director of Cultural Activities in Alliance Française, Buenos Aires city, Argentina. Coordinator of international cultural projects in Emmaus International (France) and Director of Cultural Activities of the Mexican Alliance Française between 2008 and 2010. Artistic adviser and jury member in Argentina and in Mexico.

Argentinian Documentary Films Official Competition

Gabriel Rojze
Manager of New Media in EUDEBA, he holds a chair in Production and Planning, Sound and Image Design, Faculty of Architecture (FADU), University of Buenos Aires. Professor of postgraduate courses on Cultural Industries in University of Tres de Febrero, and Multimedia Convergence in FADU. He was assistant Director in UNTREF Media and production coordinator in Channel 7.
Liliana Hendel
Psychologist (UBA), journalist, feminist, and a pioneer in addressing gender topics on TV, cable and radio in Argentina. Team member of the Public Television and coordinator of the Red Internacional de Periodistas con Visión de Género (International Network of Journalists with a Gender Awareness - RIPVG), whose Argentinian branch she co-founded and co-coordinates. Postgraduate teacher at University of Buenos Aires.
Camilo Juárez País
Director of Audiovisual Collection Management at the Argentinian National Memory Archive. Cultural producer and human rights activist. He has coordinated and produced cultural events such as Urban Art and Memory and the Festival Asterisco, and contributed to numerous magazines, radio programs and blogs. He is also a musician, DJ and poet.

Signis Jury, Argentinian Catholic Association for Communication

Lic. Alejandro Malowicki
Film Director (Pinocho, Pyme and Las Aventuras de Nahuel), Director and Producer of Film and Television for Children. President of the Association of Producers of Films for Children, Head of the National Audiovisual Observatory for Children and Youth. Teaching Fellow at the ENERC Film School. He conducts International Workshops on Film and TV Projects for Children and Adolescents.
Carlos A. Ferraro
He studied Film-making in the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes and subsequently earned a Master’s Degree in Communication Planning and Management (ULP). He is a Philosophy and Educational Sciences teacher (USAL-CONSUDEC) and an Audiovisual Arts Didactics teacher (UNSAM-ENERC). He has been a juror for national and international film festivals.
Rocco Oppedisano
Director, scriptwriter and film producer at RAI-TV-Cinecittá (Italy), Telemundo (USA) and in Argentina. Author of the original book, screenwriter and co-producer of the film Cómplices del Silencio (2009). Doctor of Maths and Systems Engineer. Film study professor and director. President of SIGNIS Argentina. Vice-president of SIGNIS Latin America.