Call for submissions / 3rd International Environmental Film Festival (FINCA) / Open until 30th November 2015

29 de OCTOBER, 2015

We are pleased to announce that submissions for the 3rd International Environmental Film Festival (FINCA) will now be open until November 30, 2015. We welcome the work of directors, producers and national and international film distributors. The competition will take place from 3rd to 10th May in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The final program will be released in April 2016 and will include long, medium and short films as well as fiction works, documentaries, essays, animations and experimental films.

The objective of the FINCA is to present the best films addressing the social issues related to the defense of the environment. We will ensure to select films which approach these topics from original and multiple perspectives, thus promoting a critical form of cinema which will contribute to social transformation. The special social and transformative focus of FINCA, is postulated from then as a democratization tool in the environmental debate to other spaces.

Our inclusion of a variety of formats and genres, from short films to feature-length, documentaries to fiction, animations to reports, works from Argentina and from other countries, reflects the intention of the FINCA to overcome the prejudice currently evident in the environmental debate, which seems to be open only to industry professionals.

From this point of view, we firmly believe that the FINCA will be a proactive space for discussion on environmental issues, placing this as a central issue in political agendas as well as within people´s homes and educational establishments. We understand that it is our responsibility as citizens living of this earth to adopt sustainable practices and to recognize of the importance of preserving biodiversity.

What are the sections and themes of the festival for this year?

The central themes will be:
• Food Sovereignty
• Waste and Pollution
• Mining and Oil
• Climate Change
• Renewable Energies.
• Ecosystem
• Deforestation
• Biodiversity
• Sustainability
• Human Rights

The official competition will be divided into:
• Feature-length films
• Short and medium-length films

Who is organizing FINCA?

The FINCA is an initiative of the Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC - IMD (Human Rights of Latin America and the Caribbean), a non-profit organization based in Buenos Aires. It is known for carrying out 16 editions of the International Human Rights Film Festival and was created in the interests of strengthening the research, study, teaching and diffusion of Human Rights, through the use of audiovisual resources and new technologies.

Terms and conditions:

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