The International Environmental Film Festival, FINCA, will be coming to the Monsanto Tribunal in La Haya in association with the Navdanya Foundation, presented by Vandana Shiva.

12 de OCTOBER, 2016

The International Environmental Film Festival, FINCA, after accompanying the Court of Peoples for Food Sovereignty in Argentina by social organisations and environmental groups last september, IMD will be present at La Haya at the Monsanto Tribunal in association with the Navdanya Foundation, the organisation founded and led by Vandana Shiva, with a selection of short-films and showcasing its experiences as a space for sharing ideas and points of view on food sovereignty.

The Navdanya Foundation, Freedom for Seeds

Navdanya is an organisation, based in India that is an active participant in recognising our ancestral and cultural knowledge. Its objective is to raise awareness about the dangers of genetically engineering our produce, defend knowledge of the people about biopiracy and food rights within the context of globalisation. Navdanya promotes the conservation of biodiversity, ecological agriculture, farmers’ rights and the conservation of seeds.

The FINCA Festival, Cinema and Social Transformation

The International Environmental Film Festival, FINCA, was established in 2010 in response to the growing development of cinematic works on the environment that criticised the graves consequences of the environment and the condition of the current production model. By addressing the problems, from a human rights’ perspective, they were successfully including social organisations in specific activities that proceeded to represent true platforms of collective discussion and development. Since then, an international bianual meeting - of a somewhat competitive nature - has been established in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Monsanto International Tribunal

The Monsanto International Tribunal in a civil society initiative urging Monsanto take responsibility for its human rights violations, crimes against humanity and ‘Ecocide’. Well-respected judges will listen to the testimonies of victims and offer their professional following the International Penal Court of Justice proceedings. A popular, similar assembly will offer the opportunity for the social movements to come together and plan the future they want to build.

Regional Actions and Integration at La Haya

The link between FINCA and the Navdanya Foundation was established in June 2016, marking FINCA’s 3rd festival, where a special emphasis was given to Food Sovereignty and the unifying element was a cross-over between the main events and our international guests: Vandana Shiva and Marie-Monique Robin. The festival culminated in a forceful act against the Monsanto block, the Falklands, Cordoba, where, after almost 4 years of fighting (historical fact), civil society managed to prevent the construction of one of the largest Monsanto plants in the continent.

It is because of this that FINCA will be present at the Monsanto Tribunal at La Haya in association with the Navdanya Foundation, with the aim of accompanying it with critical and transformative cinema, the essential change of awareness in order to create new behaviours in defence of our planet and food sovereignty.

For such purposes, the Navdanya Foundation has published the following announcement about the Monsanto Tribunal and the People’s Assembly, available here: