Open call for the 9th Festival and Forum of Environment and Wildlife

24 de JANUARY, 2017

CMS VATAVARAN will be celebrating its 9th edition of the International Film Festival and Forum in New Delhi from November 2-6, 2017.

This is a green movement that uses the medium of films and forums to catalyze change in perception, policy and practice. Initiated in 2002, this film festival and forum is held every alternate year in New Delhi, India and other Indian cities and towns. Considered as one of the influential environmental and wildlife events in the country (and rated as one of the top environment film festivals of the world), each initiative of this green movement brings together around 10,000 participants by presenting innovatively curated programmes and inspiring action. Stakeholders from around the globe involve themselves in highlighting the importance of filmmaking and discourse through CMS VATAVARAN’s multiple programme formats which are organized simultaneously over five days.

Identified stakeholders of CMS VATAVARAN namely, filmmakers, environmentalists, journalists, policy makers, children, youth and nature enthusiasts are engaged in wide range of programs, These include: thought provoking films; engaging discussions; interactive workshops; fun filled activities in natural settings; innovative exhibitions by artists, photographers, organizations working in the environment and wildlife sector; etc. It is dedicated to promote awareness on contemporary environmental and wildlife issues by providing stakeholders an international forum to share their knowledge, network, conduct business and celebrate nature’s diversity.

The 9th edition will focus on Climate Change and Water under the theme "Conservation 4 Water".

This edition will once again delve into the issues of climate change and water under the theme- Conservation 4 Water. Films showing the inter-connectedness of climate change and water, water struggles in the world dealing with global warming, climate variability, food and health insecurity, desertification, biodiversity loss, and environmental damage can be presented under this theme.

The theme "Conservation 4 Water" provides full scenario of the struggles and efforts water faces in the contemporary climate change discourse and action. Filmmakers are encouraged to explore this intricate and complex relationship. CMS VATAVARAN will be providing technical reference and support for filmmakers who will endeavor to make films on this theme and also for this edition of CMS VATAVARAN.

The call for entries for this edition is now open to Indian and International Filmmakers (Professional, Amateur & Students).

Final Deadline: February 2, 2017 (World Wetlands Day)

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