International Environmental Film Festival - FINCA wishes to announce the winners of its 4th edition

28 de JUNE, 2018

The 4th International Environmental Film Festival (FINCA) organized by Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC (IMD) has announced on Wednesday June 6th the winners of the official competition in the context of an emotional and friendly closing ceremony. The closing ceremony for the 4th edition of the FINCA was hosted by Gabriela Radice and Katja Aleman, the venue was Alianza Francesa in Buenos Aires.

From May 30th up to June 6th 2018, under the motto "Let´s stir the water", the festival invited its guests to engage in concrete actions capable of creating a ripple effect to defend our vital resource: water.

As to the awards ceremony, the First Prize in the International Feature Films Official Competition was given to Piripkura, directed by Mariana Oliva, Renata Terra, and Bruno Jorge (Brazil), winners of u$s 2500 thanks to the verdict of the Jury made up of Solange Alboreda (representing Sesc Santos–the Social Trade Service in the State of Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil), Gustavo M. Ballesté (Cinema Planeta International Environmental Film Festival of Mexico), and Teresa Salinas Koscina (audiovisual filmmaker from Chile).

According to the Jury, the film deserves the prize "because it takes us to an adventure inside the Amazon rainforest where we find two of the last members of the people of Piripkura, looking for the protection of a natural area surrounded by farms and sawmills. It makes us part of the relation amongst those who´ve survived, those who look for them and those who wish to create a record of their lives, in a Latin-American context where nature is the basic foundation of our culture. The right to live as inspiration for social manifestation".

For the Second Prize in the International Feature Films Official Competition, the Jury chose two movies: Be´ Jam Be et cela n´aura pas de fin by Caroline Parietty and Cyprien Ponson (France) and The Harvest by Andrea Paco Mariani (Italy). Each of the films received a post-production award given by Edgar Allan Post and Gorky Films respectively. The honorary mention in this same category was awarded to Mala Junta (Bad Influence) by Claudia Huaiquimilla (Chile).

In the Latin-American Documentary Films Official Competition, the winner of the First Prize takes home the post-production award given by Gorky Films, the First Prize went to the film El maíz en tiempos de guerra (Maize in Time of War) by Alberto Cortés (Mexico). The Jury was made up of Marcos Filardi (an attorney specialized in Human Rights and Food Sovereignty, member of the Independent Study Program on Food Sovereignty of the School of Nutrition, UBA, Argentina), Carlos Vicente (member of the international organization GRAIN and Acción por la Biodiversidad-Argentina), and Julia Zárate (filmmaker and feminist media activist).

The Jury chose this film because "the documentary, by observing and interviewing the protagonists in their cornfields, holding the seeds in their own hands, takes the audience into a very particular cinematographic time. The use of the sound (in its multiple dimensions) and the choice of frames allows the audience to experience the empowerment of the farmers.

At the same time, we highlight the chosen approach which centers on the point of view of the collective group, it is the community that moves forward to defend their territories, not one single leader...".

The Second Prize in the same category was awarded to El Remolino (The Swirl) by Laura Herrero Garvin (Mexico), the prize is the post-production process offered by Edgar Allan Post. Furthermore, the film received the prize Percepciones Textuales, meaning that the film will be adapted to accessible formats for people who are blind and deaf. Within this same category, the honorary mention was given to Chaco by Juan Fernández Gebauer, Ignacio Ragone, and Ulises de la Orden (Argentina).

Within the International Short Films category, the First Prize was given to Duraznales (The Old Peach Trees), the film will receive the post-production services of Gorky Films, the Jury was made up of Eduardo Cerdá, (founding member of the National Network of Municipalities and Communities for Agro-Ecology–RENAMA, Argentina), Margreet Cornelius (education projects coordinator for the foundation Movies that Matter, Netherlands), and Irupé Tentorio (photographer, Argentina).

The short film was awarded this prize because "it links together the cycles of life and nature, the director is able to show the life of a group of women farmers in an intimate manner. We value how the director shows the relationship with the earth and their rituals, and the construction of a poetic narration along with an intimate and introspective atmosphere, achieved by and excellent use of the light as a visual resource. Finally, we wish to emphasize the value placed on daily life and its contemplation".

The Second Prize in the short film category was awarded to Frontera invisible (Invisible Frontier) by Nico Muzi, Nicolás Richat (Belgium), this second prize means the film receives the post-production services offered by Edgard Allan Post. The honorary mention was given to Detrás del fuego (Behind the Fire) by Lucas Prieto (Argentina).

Regarding the Audience Choice Award, the audience gave their ratings for the movies screened at FINCA throughout the whole week of the festival, the winning film was Unfractured by Chanda Chevannes (Canada), in the category of International Feature Films. The videoclip Justice, made by the Maké group (Castéra & Kelzang Ravach, France) won the Audience Choice Award in the Short Films category, the Audience Choice Award in the category Latin-American Documentary Films was won by El maíz en tiempos de guerra (Maize in Time of War) by Alberto Cortés.

Among other honorary mentions, the Prize awarded by the SIGNIS Jury from the Argentine Catholic Association for Communication was given to Chaco, it is the second prize given to this film within the festival, the prize awarded by RAFMA–Argentinian Network of Audiovisual Festivals and Exhibitions was given to La tierra que arde (The Burning Land) by Pablo Pérez Fiedler along with an honorary mention to 50 metros bajo la tierra (Fifty Metres Underground) by Lucas Van Esso. INCAA CINE.AR chose the short film Una carta de Leticia (A letter from Leticia) by Irene Blei (Argentina) due to its artistic innovation, its audiovisual creativity, its filmmaking quality, content, and message.

Once again, each member of the International Environmental Film Festival - FINCA wants to thank all the participants, the directors, the guests, the amazing team of volunteers, translators, sign language interpreters from Instituto de Formación Técnica Superior No 27, under the administration of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, for being a part of this latest edition which was truly inspiring and exciting, looking forward to a new encounter.

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